Benefits of Spray Foam

There are several reasons to use spray foam. Quick installation, energy savings, environmental friendliness, health, and durability are primary benefits.

Foamsulate Eco spray foam acts as an air and vapour barrier, and is applied by trained and certified applicators. Air infiltration/exfiltration can account for 40% of energy loss in a building. Foamsulate Eco spray foam acts as an air barrier to stop this air leakage which can cause high energy bills.

Foamsulate products enhance the durability of your building. Spray foam works to control moisture in your building as it is a vapor barrier, and stops moisture accumulation from convection. This adds to the life of buildings as moisture is a primary source of building failure. Spray foam also adds to the strength of a building. Independent testing shows that wall assemblies using spray foam have racking strength 2-3 times higher than traditional wall assemblies.

By reducing moisture, Foamsulate can also make your building healthier. Mold needs water, appropriate temperatures, and food to survive. Water is the easiest of these factors to control, so you can help control mold in a building by using spray foam.

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( Photo above is a bed rock application)


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